We moved our employment law manuals
and the HR Libraries to a new website
(click here to join the movement to hrsimple.com).

Employment Laws

hrsimple.com is the new and improved version of accr.biz. The new website still has all of the same, great material including all of the books, plus now you can access and search all of the information online! hrsimple.com includes access to a continuous flow of updated HR information and trends. New benefits include an HR-update notification center, email alerts, HR news you-can-use, best practice advice, webinars and much more.

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Who we work with

American Chamber of Commerce Resources creates and manages affinity programs with and for state chambers of commerce and associations of businesses, including hrsimple.com, The Florida ChamberPerks affinity program and My Future 401K. We also work with law firms around the country to bring you the HR information you need online, in books and in webinars.

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